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I'm trying to focus on happier days ahead -- ones in which we get to leave the house and do normal-people things.

My calendar tells me that t-ball practice starts in two weeks. I have NO experience with anything remotely resembling athletic endeavor, so I need your help. What exactly do I need to outfit two little people for t-ball?

On which hand do they wear the glove? their dominant hand I presume? (yes, I was a nerd in school - last one picked etc.)

edited to add that we have a T and a ball and a bat and one glove.
Elle told me I need cleats. When I ebay cleats I get soccer cleats; are they the same?
When I google gloves I get inch measurements. How do I figure out the right size?
They will get team t-shirts. Do they need special pants?

edited once again to share this cool T-Ball coloring book pdf that I found.

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