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a quickie

We are home from a wonderful vacation and back to real life, full of exams and appointments and deadlines.

Jamie has a huge test coming up next week, so he is hunkered down studying for that.

I am teaching two classes at the community college, both on-line, and those classes launch on Thursday, so I am in a hot panic getting those prepped.

Dandy had two assessments today: reading and math. In reading he is precisely at 4th grade level and in math he is between 4th and 5th (ahead of himself, in other words). We are very pleased. Tomorrow I meet with the school for a half-day a week enrollment to work on some behavior issues whilst I continue with the academics at home.

Chickadee starts art classes this week.

The gardens are out-of-control.

The pile of mail is huge.

The car is yet to be unloaded.

That's our life. How is yours?


marina said...

busy, i had my second day of school today and i already have homework!!! i miss you!

sgwedd said...

I dont know what should i say but i would like to tell you my today's experience & that is when i thin i get tense when i tell i get myself wise & when i sleep i get to meet to the god & their loved ones like YOU!

karamjit said...

You seems to be under a lot of pressure and i am confident that you will get through all your difficulties. It is good to know that you have returned to busy part of your life. Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience.