Quote of the Day



  • Jamie and Chickadee are building a kit doll-house, though I get to take a turn next weekend, I'm told.
  • Chickadee made dinner for us tonight ala Mollie Katzen (the whole thing with ZIPPO mom help, though I did sit in the kitchen for 3.5 hours and supervise).
  • I slogged through the towering pile of medical bills and E.O.B.s and am finally done with 2009, fiscally speaking.
  • Dandy has lost his bedroom (again).
  • My online class open on Thursday and it is all loaded up. As in, every assignment, task, discussion board, quiz, and essay assignment for the entire quarter is in place this very minute. I just have to answer questions and grade from here on in. This is -- in the life of an on-line educator -- indescribably delicious.
  • We are buying daffodils and looking at seed catalogs and fostering a strong denial of how much winter we still have to endure. Can't we just fast-forward to April?


Lynn Kellan said...

What are you teaching online? Sounds like it involved a lot of preparation!

kate said...

Hmmm...was just thinking how NICE teaching online would be after reading this.

Tami said...

I say we can fast forward to April, if we can put everything on hold in June. I can't stand the heat and humidity in July and August...but I'm really looking forward to spring. *sigh*

Suzanne said...

World Lit, and maybe Eng 101, if a few more students enroll between now and Thursday.