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chickie season is upon us

So brace yourself for non-stop chickie posts.

Tonight we picked up three little day-old ameraucanas are peeping under the heat lamp.Note the pretty egg colors.

Tomorrow, I am picking up some Gold Penciled Hamburgs, full-grown and laying.
Next Wednesday, we'll fetch up 2-3 Golden Wyanndotes. That will bring us to 5-6 in our first of two rounds of chickies.

Then we have to wait until the end of March for the second round. I found some Lakenvelders available on March 24. I'm hoping to find some of these by then, to put them in the nursery with the Lakenvelders:

Black Australorps
Buff Catalanas
Cream Brahanter
Spangled Russian Orloff
Sicilian Buttercup
Silver-Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi
Silver-Spangled Spitzhauben
White Faced Black Spanish

I can mail-order them from specialty hatcheries, but I can't meet the minimums. Want to go in on some with me?

Here is what we have, in case you are curious:
  • Black Polish Crested (1 hen, 1 roo)
  • Gold SexLink (1 hen)
  • Rhode Island Reds (2 hens)
  • California Grey (2 hens)
  • Barred Rocks (2 hens)


Shannan said...

Your hens are just beautiful. never thought I would say that (a hen is beautiful) but they really are!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, but those aren't pictures of my actual hens, just pictures of the breeds of hens I am getting. I agree though, that they are beautiful.

Missus Wookie said...


Have you seen this? Made me think of you :lol:

kate said...

So...why the different breeds? Better eggs? Better meat? Just pretty?

Just wondering. ;> Sounds like you're going to enjoy your little chicks!

Suzanne said...

That's pretty cool Missus Wookie. Thanks for sharing.

All the different breeds Kate are just for pretty.

AnnieM said...

Your chickens are beautiful!!! You are off on a fun adventure (again!)