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Remember in the movie The Sixth Sense how the shrink, in denial of his own death, created a false reality and carried on until he was forced to acknowledge and accept that he had, in fact, been killed?  I think that for the Losties in the sideways flash there is something similar happening.  Christian Slater said that they created that place in order to find one another.  I think the sideways flash is a concocted (with some help from Elanor) reality, and that when they realize this they leave it; but not for a new place, but just to return back to where they should be, which is the island.

So in my understanding, the Sideways Flash Reality is canceled out, and the Island Reality is real.  Which leaves Jack and Ben and Hurley and Rose and Bernard and the dog on the island, and Miles and Sawyer and Kate and Claire and Lapidus and Richard (no longer immortal) flying away. And pretty much everyone else is dead, most of them from blowing up or exploding.  Wait, where's Desmond?  I don't recall.

Interesting how pulling that plug out of the mysterious light sort seemed to cancel out Richard's immortality and  Smokey's invincibility.

So many questions left unanswered . . . here's one, just for fun:

Isn't the statue on the left the same one that Mr. Eko's friends stuffed with heroin?  And what was Smokey up to when he was inhabiting Eko's brother and moralizing with him?  Just sporting?

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Elle said...

The sideways reality was a place for them to be to repair the relationships or to find their true loves. If you notice people didn't remember the island until they experienced a "healing" in the sideways reality. Sayid found Shannon, John was healed, Jin & Sun found their baby together, Hurley found Libby, Sawyer and Juliet were reunited, Kate delivered Aaron and Jack was able to say goodbye to his father. It was only then that they were able to remember, come together and move on.

Notice how Ben didn't enter the church. He still had to atone for his sins. If you also notice the stuff in the room where Jack was talking to his father, it was full of various religious symbols (not just Christian, which if you will also not Jack's father's name is Christian Shepherd). And yes, the statue on the right is like the one from Eko's brother's plane.