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Exercise is Bad for My Health

So two weeks ago I went to the gym and worked really hard.  I huffed and puffed and sweated and was so proud of myself.  On the way home, the sore throat started and by bedtime I had a full-on URI and chest cold.  I was sick for days and am still run-down and coughing all the time and can't get a deep breath.

Question -- can exercise bring on asthma-like breathing problems? Sticky lungs and shortness of breath?

I was trying to do something healthful -- work-out.  Instead I am spending my days in my bathrobe and hanging out with my pals NyQuil and Mucinex. 


Elle said...

There is such a thing as exercise induced asthma. Derek and I both have it. Mine is a little more severe than his though. It is partially why I'll never be a runner. However, mine is just a wheeze shortness of breath thing. Never full on gunky lungs. Maybe an allergy in there too. Willows are currently blooming and I'm very allergic to those so I'm freaking out that I'm laying on the couch too much when in reality it is just a willow allergy.

MMrussianadoption said...

it might have just been coincidence you getting sick afterward. or you might have caught something from germs left on gym equipment. not sure.

Suzanne said...

You called it Elle, exercise-induced asthma. I knew that people could get short of breath while exercising due to asthma. I didn't know that it could also manifest by filling the lungs with sticky goo and hanging out a welcome sign for viruses and bacteria.