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how to update your blog from Facebook or Library Thing RSS

My poor little blog has been neglected in favor of other outlets, specifically Library Thing.  I did want my Library Thing book reviews to show up here though, and as posts, not sidebar widgets.  I finally figured out how.

Blogger will let you post to an email address.  That is, you can send an email, and blogger will post it as a post.

Feed my Inbox will let you select RSS feeds and have them sent to your email box.

I bet you can figure out where this is going.

1. Find the RSS of whatever it is that you want to have posted in your blog.
  • Facebook RSS can be found here
  • Library Thing RSS is found on the profile page, in the lower right.  Just "copy link location".
2. Find your blogger email address.
  • left column: Settings
  • Mobile & Email
3. Visit Feed My Inbox.
4. Combine.
5. Repeat as necessary.

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