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Akurum Adel IKEA Kitchen Tweaks

So, we have ordered a full set of IKEA's Akurum frames with Adel fronts.  In addition, we are adding the following tweaks:

Extra shelves.  For almost every cabinet I ordered one extra shelf so that I can fit more in and so that I have a back-up shelf for the future.

Costco's Slide-a-Shelf pull-outs for the baking pantry and for under the sink.  Why not just use IKEA's Rationell pull-out? Because I want real wood for these oft used and/or dampish locations.

TIP: If you use the Integral hinge dampers your hinges will use up 3 inches of your width (1.5 each side), so keep this in mind if you are ordering inserts for your cabinets.

From Lowe's I ordered Rev-a-Shelf's false front tip-out adaptor hinges and trays
I will use these to turn the false panels of my cooktop base cabinet into wooden spoon trays.

I also ordered Rev-a-Shelf 's pegboard system for the plate drawers.  I think it is much prettier and more durable looking than the IKEA offering.

And last, I ordered Rev-a-Shelf's Bread Drawer kit to keep all our yummy loaves fresh.
And because I used eBates, I got 2-5% back on all of this!

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