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Not adoption news

In sad news, two of Jamie's colleagues died in a plane crash yesterday. They were flying out to a jobsite in Montana. The charter pilot guy was the man who the company always uses for moving their staff around; he's picked Jamie up a few times from the airport and brought him home. The passenger was someone Jamie had just spoken with that morning and is the man who covers for Jamie when needed, say, for example, when we go to Russia.

My worst nightmare: waking up happily married one morning and going to bed a widow. May God protect us and comfort the men's families.

Other news, all trival compared to the crash:

Jamie picked up the headboards for the kid's room so we should have kid's room pics posted this weekend.

Jamie took his big test. We'll find out how he did next month sometime.

I'm hand-writing this entry on my notepad laptop which reads my writing and turns it into text.

See that little red dot on the cluster map? That's my mom, niece and aunt, trekking through Israel which they describe as rocks and churches and churches made of rocks. I'm pretty excited about having an Israel dot on my map.

Though we've hoped to go on trip two in July, we are bracing ourselves for August (though still secretly hoping for July).

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