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Showers! and not the rainy sort to which we are accustomed

I've been weepy all day. I had no idea how much my first shower would strip off all that fortitude and "we're fine" that I've been carefully cultivating. My mom's friends gathered around and absolutely spoiled us with generousity, both the practical giftie sort and the even-more-precious goodwill sort. Apparently I really really needed that.

Maybe it was that a shower is such a community thing. Our community of friends is now 'pregnant' too. No longer is we the lone crusaders charging the paperwork mountain. Each little package represented some busy woman's time and energy invested into Andy and Juliana. Other people got into their cars, went into stores, and anticipated the children's needs and future.

If you are reading our blog because we are linked to the blog of someone you care about that is adopting: THROW HER A SHOWER. Even though I told my hostess, I really don't think that she will ever really know how much she blessed me.

Okay, both cats and both dogs are gathered around my chair casting worried looks at me as I am bawling and typing. All typos are either tears or kitties on the keyboard.

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