Quote of the Day


Andy says Grace

Dee HeveEE Father,

Thank you SOOO much.

Aunt Christy,


Okay, so I'm going to have to enunciate better, especially the In Christ's Name (Aunt Christy) part.

We made it to church again today. The teacher for their group usually alternates every week, so we were surprised to find the nice lady from last week there today. She came in just in case our kids were there, so that they would have continuity. Isn't that sweet?

To answer a few questions from the Remarks Box:
  • BTDT is Been There Done That.
  • I think having two will increase our hiberation period, as they each only get half of me, so to speak, so it will take twice as long.
  • We took a phone cord, but didn't need it. The phone jack at the Markuel was just like the ones at home. The thing we really needed, and D&L kindly brought for us, was a power strip, so that we could plug in our one outlet adaptor and then plug in our many necessary things (camera battery charger, computer, modem, hot curlers for court-day etc.).

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