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quickie update

Well we visited our excellent vet this morning who says that we have practically perfect cats and who mentioned that his lovely wife reads the blog which reminded me that I need to post so here I am posting.  So, here is my day:
  • kitties to vet
  • prepare and serve special meals for ailing foster hens: grated apple and carrot in yogurt, served slightly warm.
  • launch kids onto their daily chore and school lists
  • run errand for brother in exchange for a free massage
  • grade 27 items for World Lit class
  • grade 139 items for Eng 101
  • run laundry
  • make dinner for beloved niece who is blessing us with her presence this evening
  • pay bills at least to the point that the credit cards work again
  • supervise son as he does the seasonal clothes sorting
  • research spring trip to Mexico (that's the carrot that gets me to the end of the list)
That's all.

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