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We've been building

We built these lovely chicken nesting boxes:

And this nice chicken roost that swings out of the way for cleaning.

By "we" I mean the kids and I. Dandy helps hold things and Chickadee is a great bit girl (changing from the drill bit to the screwdriver bit). We built these two things without plans which is a big step up for us. Up until now I have depended on written instructions.

While we did this, Jamie ripped out the old interior walls of the creamery (the little building on the right), insulated the walls, installed plywood, and is building the partition that separates the chicken space from the storage part of the room. He is also building a cute wind-protection tunnel whereby they may enter and exit the hen-house (formerly know as the creamery). Dandy installed the trim work along the ceiling. He is right proud of this, as you can imagine.


Alex said...

It is really good to know that you are building and i am sure that many will like it. Good to see the pictures you have posted.

Don Holmes said...

nice job -

marina said...

oh how very nice, i can't wait to see it. :)

Alex Ryder said...

Really it is great job and i am sure that many people will definitely like it. You seem to be putting a lot of hard work.