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The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook

I tried to resist, I really did. I don't need another cookbook. I haven't cooked all the recipes in the cookbooks I have! But I succumbed. I want this one:


Anonymous said...

Me too! I think Santa is bringing it to me. I've never had a recipe of hers fail me. :-)
Merry Christmas to your family. I'll be home for Christmas and NOT only in my dreams...yay! Might be close to your neck of the woods to visit a friend, I'll give a wave.

car reviews said...

It seems that Christmas is bringing the happiness to whole world everyone is happy with their plans !Now for me the celebration of the Christmas starts with the starting of my regular job & then in night a sweet party with myself alone! You all are lucky really!Anyway this cooking book is very important for me as i am alone!

karamjit said...

Wish you all a Merry Xmas in advance and i hope the cook book will help a lot of people to satisfy their wish of eating lovely food.