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stocking stuffer ideas

Some ideas, for your stuffing pleasure

:: bath poofs
:: toy mice for humans owned by cats
:: chewies and tennis balls for humans owned by dogs
:: postage stamps for anyone off at college
:: good cheeses
:: nuts
:: Christmas ornaments for young adults
:: pocket flashlights for the cars
:: chapsticks
:: winter-weight Atlas garden gloves
:: hand-warmer packets for those in cold climates

:: tulip or daffodil bulbs
:: long matches
:: smoked oysters
:: woolie socks
:: Starbuck's cards
:: Trader Joe's cards
:: iTunes cards
:: pencils and erasers for school kids - especially home-schooling families
:: chocolate oranges
:: bottle of favorite fragrance
:: paint brushes and  other artsy supplies (hat tip to Audrey)
:: LUSH bubble bars

:: drill bits
:: hairclippies and rubber bands for little girls
:: sparkly glue

What did I miss ?


Tina's Blog said...

I usually give toothbrushes to my kids :)

karamjit said...

I will surely try out the stuffings as it will satisfy me a lot.

audible said...

Yes, yes! I loved art supplies as a kid. The Motrin... not so much.

Missus Wookie said...

my kids get a coin, apple, orange at the toe of the stocking - this year they're getting a pomegranate rather than the apple. We put in travel sized bath products, compressed 'magic' wash cloths, warm socks, gum/candy, small toys.

My kids get chocolate oranages too :)

kate said...

We always had an orange, a candy cane and some unshelled nuts in our stockings.