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Coconut Curry Chicken

Go to Costco and look for these on the shelves.  Purchase the Coconut Curry.  
Go to Trader Joe's and pick up a can of Coconut Milk.
(If you don't have a Trader Joe's and a Costco nearby, you probably need to relocate.)
You will also need some baby spinach, some roasted peanuts, some plain yogurt, and some white rice.

Go to your favorite purveyor of free-range organic chickens and buy a cut-up one.
Brown the chicken pieces in your cast-iron skillet that you cooked bacon in and didn't drain.
Put the chicken in your crock pot. 
Pour the Coconut Curry over top.
Pour the Coconut Milk over top.
Cook for a couple of hours.

Cook some rice.
Grind up a 1/2 C of peanuts.

Put the rice in a bowl.
Put some baby spinach on top.
Ladle hot Coconut Curry sauce on top.
Put a piece of chicken on top of that.
Add a dollop of yogurt.
Add some ground peanuts.



webmarketing said...

I think that this Chicken will taste great indeed.

Rachael said...

Boo, hoo. We don't have a Costco OR a Trader Joe's! :(

I do always stock up at TJ's in Chicago whenever we're there, so at least there is that.

WinPalace said...

I am Drooling by reading your post, i am sure those who will try this out will surely like it and will make this recipe again and again. Thanks for posting here.