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cheater pie crusts

So, my Nana blessed our family with a really good pie crust recipe, flakey, yummy, just perfect.  It was with some dismay that we tried to resign ourselves to the fact that -- in spite of this really good recipe -- our Mom was in the habit of buying, and using, and serving to us "Cheater Pie Crusts" (those insipid ready-made ones).

In her defense however, I do have to admit that there are times when Nana's pie crust recipe just won't roll.  I don't know why, but sometimes it is rolls out perfectly, and sometimes it doesn't.  Here is what I do when it doesn't.

I spread out one layer of plastic wrap (but I don't tear it off yet).

I plop the crumbly bits of an abandoned rolling on top.

 I fold the plastic wrap over and cut it off.

I roll out my dough.

I put it in the freezer.  I just need it to freeze enough so that the plastic and the dough separate from one another nicely.  Though, if I wanted to, I could leave it in there for days.  It's my own guilt-free cheater pie crust.

Oh, and if you want the Top Secret Family Heirloom recipe?  Pioneer Woman stole it from us and published it in her book, so it is not a secret anymore.

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