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end of summer wardrobe check

One of the things I dread each autumn is going through the kids' clothes and seeing what still fits (not much) and what needs to be replaced.  Not only does it cost me money, but I am stuck in their rooms for hours as they try things on.  Andy is not so bad, but for Juliana, every new article on her body means a new dance routine and conversation.  Even this would not be so bad if she could change clothes and chat at the same time, but she cannot.  She comes to a complete halt and needs eye contact.

The solution:

They bring their clothes down and change behind the divider whilst I make bread, dinner, type blog posts etc.  At least I can get something done during the dance routines.


Kelli said...

Haha! I love dance routines!

audible said...

I must be doing this wrong. Of course, most of the time she's wearing her school uniform which means the only thing that really has to be replaced are shoes.

Suzanne said...

Ah, yes, uniforms would solve my problem.