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feeling so accomplished

Here was my todo list today:
  • prep Monday 101 class
  • update online class
  • package books to ship
  • bake bread
  • make soup
  • cut hubby's hair - boy did I cut it. He doesn't like it, but I do.
  • make dinner
And I got it all done! My Gift wanted to take the kids to the park -- which we did -- and then he took us out to dinner, so I have an extra dinner all made in addition to the bread and the soup.

And just in case you've been tracking the VERY LONG ToDo list in my sidebar, tomorrow I have a hair cut scheduled and will get to check off the last thing on that list from September 8th.


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Anonymous said...

I remember once when I tried to give my husband a haircut. This was a first - I should have tried in a doll first. I simply forgot he had a good couple of ears, one of each I almost cut off. He - and I - were very glad I missed it!!!!