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running out of time

For us, this is the last two weeks of summer - we start school (community college teaching and kids at the homeschool/school district partnership program) on the 22nd.

Here is what I need to do before then:
  • can pickle relish
  • can pickles
  • can pickled beets
  • bake and freeze zucchini bread
  • freeze bags of basil for winter pesto
  • harvest and freeze plums for winter pies
  • harvest and freeze apples for winter pies
  • harvest and freeze blackberries for winter pies
  • gather and freeze blueberries for winter breakfast
  • prep English 101 class
  • prep Writing Workshop class for aforementioned partnership program
  • put away pool
  • put away most deck stuff
  • take kitties to vet
  • attend GOP meeting x 2
  • attend homeschool meeting x3
  • attend Campaign for Liberty meeting
  • attend English Department retreat
  • celebrate 3 family birthdays
  • change over the wardrobes (sundresses away, sweaters out)
  • pick up slack for My Gift who is routinely working 12-14 hour days including weekends
  • Do you think I will make it? Oh, and the nasty flu that has been haunting me since mid-August, setting me this far behind, it is gone -- I think -- but I am super wimpy, tiring after 30 minutes of activity. How am I going to do all this?



    Elle J said...

    "...tiring after 30 minutes of activity." ... I am just tired after reading your To Do List!!! :) Best of luck getting all completed AND taking time for end of summer fun!

    Cambria said...

    Wish I still lived in Bellingham, I would offer to come over and help! Get what you can done, and forget the rest! Glad you are better.