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Christian Fiction worth reading

Over at Book Nook Club, one of my fellow book reviewers eloquently ranted about the dearth of quality Christian fiction. It made me want to make up a list of good Christian reads.

Yes, yes, I know, a book can't have a relationship with Christ, so the adjective is not accurately used. But I think you know what I mean: works that are written from a world-view that is consistent with Christianity. That's just such a mouthful.

Anyway, I started my list and only got this far; what would you add?

Anything by C. S. Lewis
Anything by George MacDonald
Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien
Anything by Dorothy Sayers

Father Elijah: An Apocalyps, by Michael O'Brien
Byzantium, by Stephen Lawhead

I'm adding to this list as we go, so don't fault my commenters for mentioning things that are already on the list. They weren't on the list at the time of comment. (I swear, though, that I had Tolkien, but he disappeared).



Heather said...

George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis are both brilliant. I have read everything I could get my hands on by both. Also recommend Dorothy Sayers and another Inkling, Charles Williams. G. K. Chesterton is another great read. Haven't tried O'Brian or Lawhead--will have to keep my eyes out for those.

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Kim from Hiraeth said...

I'd recommend Tolkien as another of the Inklings with a Christian worldview. Charles Williams must be read with discernment.

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Guest said...

I love Lewis, MacDonald, Tolkein, and Sayers. I'm also a big fan of Lawhead, and Byzantium was my FAVORITE by him. I've never heard of O'Brien. Will have to check him out.

Another of my favorite authors is Angela Hunt. My favorite book of hers is The Shadow Women which is about the life of Moses told from the perspective of his Egyptian mother, Miriam, and Zipporah. Very intersting read.

I've also enjoyed Francine River's Lineage of Grace and Mark of the Lion series. Can you tell I LOVE historical fiction?

I'd also like to mention the novels of Randy Alcorn. He's not necessarily the best writer in the world, but his stories are great. He's writes a lot about heaven in a very biblically based manner. QUITE interesting. Some of my faves are Safely Home and the D series (Deadine, Dominion, and Deception).

Joy @ Five J's said...

Oops, forget to tell you who I was. I'm the "Guest" who commented above.

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Guest said...

We like Bryan Davis. He is the author of the series called Dragons in our Midst.