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dogs and kids

Have you ever lived with a dog from an dominance-oriented breed? One that -- though it loves you -- is always angling for the take-over? Our beloved Akita is like this and every 4-5 years I have to take her on and reestablish that she is not in line for the position of beta dog. (My husband is -- in doggie eyes -- alpha and I am beta).

With a dog, I know how to do this. If they are sleeping in your path, don't go around, but poke them until they get up. If it's really bad (and you are sure they won't bite you) hold their muzzle to the ground until their body languages shows that they submit. Our Akita is a senior citizen now, and has not made a bid for my spot for quite awhile.

My son, on the other hand, has apparently decided that I am ready for retirement. And I don't have any idea what the parenting equivalent is of holding his muzzle to the ground.



Guest said...

Is there any benefit is thinking about how we relate to God as our children relate to us. Have we ever treated
God the way our kids may sometimes treat us? Just a thought to keep things in perspective.

rachael said...

Oh, dear...

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Debbie Loves Dogs said...

I talk to my sister about her dog and establishing alpha male status with him as he is actually alpha male in their relationship and he bosses her around.