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the better world shopping guide

My mom gave us these handy The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes a Difference shopping guides for Christmas. I've blogged about them before, but I'm going to blog the details here as it helps me remember what I resolve to change in my own shopping habits.

First, cleaning products - our local Food Co-op just opened a branch out in my stomping grounds, so I can shop there now. I like not having to belabor the decision as I stand in the cleaning supplies aisle. I just buy whatever is cheapest. If the brand was truly evil, it wouldn't be on the Food Co-op shelves.

That being said, my favorite cleaning products are vinegar and baking soda (not together, though they are effective that way too -- they foam and bubble when combined - great on unclogging drains). I use vinegar on the floors and baking soda as my scouring powder.

I recently switched over from Tide (sob sob) to Seventh Generation laundry soap. So far I have no complaints and we all like the smell better.



Shelby said...

Suzanne, I have a private question to ask you, but I have misplaced your email address. Could you shoot me a response to this one? It's in regards to supporting a family in a medical situation. Thanks!

Gabriel said...

The only things I've ever used baking soda and vinegar for is making clay volcanos erupt in 4th grade science class :-) It really is so important to think about substituting some of our dangerous cleaners for more natural alternatives. It does seem like a sacrifice at first, but definitely healthier for us all in the long run.