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hunting: maybe not so bad

This is -- for me -- a huge policy shift. I've decided that hunting, which I have loathed without hesitation all my life, may be a good thing.
As I see it, there are four choices.

  1. Don't eat meat.
  2. Eat meat that is part of the industrial food chain with all the drugs, chemicals, fuel-costs, and animal misery that that involves.
  3. Eat meat that is part of the natural food chain that has a healthy diet and 100% outdoor access and a pretty good life until the bullet arrives.
  4. Eat meat that I raise here on my own land where I can make sane choices about what the animal eats and how it lives before it gets into my freezer.
Since I'm not going to do #1, options #3 or #4 seem like the only responsible options.

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