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We found a clutch of 5 little eggs in the rose garden last night, snugged up in the corner where the chimney joins the house. This morning there was another one there.

Any chicken readers out there with good ideas on how to convince them to lay their eggs in the nesting boxes, not in the garden?


Diva Hicks said...

Few things: 1) Just confine them until about 10 AM to start, or even noon. See if you get eggs. (Unless you know what time of day they are laying)
2) Make sure their nesting boxes are shady and private enough for them
3) Our duck and one hen would wander away to build nests right before they went broody. Supposedly their combs go lighter when they're fixing to brood. (I have only really noticed this in the duck though.)

Marina said...

We put 2 golf balls in the nesting box when our chickens started laying. Apparently you can also use plastic easter eggs or little balls...

Suzanne said...

Hi Marina!
We put in some of the plastic eggs, but Greg says we have to confine
them to make them lay where we want them to. Poor girls, they love
their freedom.

Susan said...

Ok me again! I am saying bye bye to my uterus next week(and all else as well)....honestly, how bad is it??