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Time for an egg report. I have on hen that is laying, the curvaceous blond hen that we named Eva Peron. She prefers to lay her eggs at the base of the chimney, I would prefer that she use her nesting box.

They sleep in the top floor of their chicken ark and My Gift from a Generous God usually lets them out between 6 and 7 am. In our new plan, he merely lets them down the ramp at that time, and then I let them out later. The last few mornings it has worked; we find cute little eggs in the nesting box where they belong.

Here is a pic, to help it all make sense.


Kate said...

Yeah, I'd say that wanting Eva Peron (Peron! Peron! the chorus chants) to do things your way or anyone's way rather than her own could prove a challenge if history is any indication. ;>

Suzanne said...


She follows her namesake very consistently: she is the rooster's main squeeze; she sexually precocious - laying at a young age; and she is a very curvy girl.