Quote of the Day


a stalker

So, yesterday morning I step out onto the deck to look at the weather (wet) and the yard. I wave to the chickens and step back into the house.

Once inside, I notice that my cat is staring at my feet with one of those intense I-am-cat-I-see-your-soul sorts of stares. I glance down. Nothing. She still stares. I look behind me and there I find Eva, my favorite hen. Apparently Eva is of the opinion that each and every time I step out there, I need to feed her.

Let's just hope she doesn't learn how to use the kitty door.


Patios said...

Ah, why haven't I realized that stare of my cat's is because she can see my soul? You've described it quite adeptly. So, did Eva get a little somethin' for her trouble?

fiveallmine said...

I just found your blog today, only started blogging myself two weeks ago, and after checking out your site, I totally feel weirded out as if I am a stalker or voyeur. Hubby has taken the kids to his parents for a visit and here I am looking at pics of your family, because mine is away. There are many, many things I should be doing, and I promise this is my last comment today. After looking at some of your pics and reading about your kids, I'm wondering, can you adopt me too? I love kids and baking and I promise I will babysit my younger siblings regularly!!!! I want to live where you live, feed the chickens, etc. Okay? Let me know when I can move in!! Thanks mom!