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5 minute update

How much can I post about in 5 minutes?

  • 5 of the 6 hens are laying.
  • I've been quite sick all summer and we are all fed up with it -- bronchitis, ear infections, tummy flu, bad colds, whatever comes along I catch. On steroids and antibiotics now and hoping to get to have a life.
  • Gardens are over-producing -- this would be a good thing if I had any energy for canning and freezing.
  • Going to our county fair on Friday with my folks.
  • Looking forward to a couple of weeks at Pacific Shores in September.
  • Really really love Quicken's Medical Expense tracking software. We've toted up nearly 50,000 of expenses and this program has helped me sort out what the insurance company should pay and what we owe and what we can submit to our Medical Savings Account for reimbursement. If you have a medically complicated year, you need this software.
  • I am teaching face-to-face all three quarters next academic year. This should be interesting.
oops, time's up.

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karamjit said...

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