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We just got Dandy's test results from the end of the school year. I am posting this for all of you that question our home-schooling decision.

Let's look at Reading first. The top line is the district norm, the triangles are his class norm (pretty much the same). The lower line is Dandy.

The first measure is May 2008. Then September 2008, then May 2009. Yes, he is below grade level (approximately at mid-2nd grade level when his age peers are at end of 3rd grade level), but he had to learn a new language and alphabet at age 7, so being behind is to be expected.

What I want you to notice is this: his group went up a half a bar in a year; Dandy went up a bar and a third.

Now let's look at Math.

The first measure is May 2008. Then September 2008, then May 2009. Yes, he is below grade level but only by a teeny tiny bit and again, look at the gains. His peers went up half a bar; he went up a full two bars (thank you Math-U-See).

So tell me again why I should not home-school them? Oh right, the socialization. Honestly, with the state of pop culture, and the government using schools as tool of social "reform", I can do without the socialization.

Have I ever mentioned that, as a community college English teacher, I see in my classes the products of public schooling? Of the outstanding students I do get to work with (few and far between), many of them are home-schooled.

Now, I know that home-schooling does not fit for many families; I am not posting this to say that you should home-school. I am posting this for those who question the fit for our family and to brag a little on our hard work. Go Dandy! Go home-schooling!


Debbie B said...

Amazing results! Especially in math. Great job!

We plan on home schooling as well and to give our child(ren) socialization I plan on joining a church home school group or something similar. To do activities with them. Our main reason is exactly what you said.

Elle said...

We've waffled on the homeschool front. I like the break that outside of the home schooling can offer me, but it isn't all about me. I also question my ability as a teacher since I have no background in the matter. However, I seem to be doing a decent job with supplementing pre-school since he is far beyond his peers in everything there.

Oh and thank you so much for the resources. I was stunned! I can't wait to get started.

Lea said...

Congratulations! Great job and Yoohoo for homeschooling. We will be homeschooling also and already are for preschool, although unofficially. We call it play but we sure are learning a lot:).

Go Dandy!

kristin said...

We homeschool and although I haven't had my daughter"officially" tested, I know she went from not being able to read Nate the Great with some difficultly to reading Trumpet of the Swan by the end of the year! Same with math. As for the socialization, I couldn't agree with you more! I think schools have changed so much! Good luck this year! Like you said, I agree it may not be for everyone, but it has done wonders for our family! Go Dandy!

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Tami said...

YAY Dandy!!! What a great job! I totally believe in homeschooling - even though we don't do it ourselves. I can't convince the hubby, and finances won't permit it right now, but I'd love nothing more than to pull the kids out and teach them myself. I think Alek especially would benefit from it. All that one-on-one attention and teaching to his strengths would be such a blessing. Way to go!