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another quickie

Another 5 minute update:
  • The fair was great -- I lasted from 2 til 9 which is quite an accomplishment given my summer. Pics to follow.
  • We are busy converting the old creamery into the chickens' winter home.
  • The garden is producing well, especially zucchinis and beets. I roast, shred, and freeze the beets for winter borscht.
  • We are packing for our upcoming vacation on Vancouver Island. Mom and I are going up with the kids. Then mom leaves and bff comes up. Then she leaves and beloved husband comes up. The kids and I are there for two weeks.
  • Both kids are really enjoying reading.


don said...

read update.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Island...you're making me homesick. ;-) Have fun.

karamjit said...

Really your posts are quite enjoyable....i enjoy reading it a lot.