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One of my students called me a femivore in his final essay.  A what?  I only eat females?  I am a female who eats?  I am a feminist (ha!) that eats? What does he mean? 

Being well-trained, he kindly provided a definition along with his specialty jargon. 

Orenstein defines femivores as women who have renounced the consumer culture and have made the home a self-sustaining center of labor and livelihood.  These women typically grew their own vegetables, kept chickens, canned their fruit and stuffed sausages. A majority home-schooled their kids and derived their income by working on-line (Lisiecki).
Ah, yes, that is me.  But who is Orenstein?

Peggy Orenstein is the author of (among other things) a March 14, 2010 article in the New York Times, The Femivore's Dilemma, giving attention-- and a new name -- to those of us that in a previous generation would have been called home-makers. Ree Drummond over at Pioneer Woman is a classic example of a femivore, complete with the Black Heels to Tractor Wheels story line.

It's a great article; you should read it.  It's also a great life-style; you should try it.

My prediction?  All the County Extension courses are going to have record enrollments this year.  If I weren't so busy growing my own vegetables, keeping chickens, canning fruit, home-schooling my kids, and earning my living on-line, I'd apply to the County Extension office for a teaching position.  I actually know where my Master Food Preserver badge is. 


Anonymous said...

I guess I was ahead of my time- for my '76 senior in college thesis I looked at community canneries as an off-shoot of Pres. Johnson's Great Society efforts to end poverty. I bet those old canneries have been mothballed for years...and recently are being resurrected!! I bet you $10 that's what we'd find if we looked!!

Anonymous said...

BTW- GREAT new word! It fits you just as well as it fits Ree! I've been reading you both for a long time!

www.walkalongtheway.com said...

That's wild! I had no idea we were a demographic! Very cool. Haven't stuffed sausages yet, but I'm sure I could learn in Switzerland. :-)