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Two big firsts in our lives today.

1) My Dad drove himself out to our house and drove himself home.  The last time he did this was Dec. 13, 2006.  He used to come out a couple times a week and hang out with the kids and give me a little break.  Oh how I have missed this. 

He has his learner's permit again and a good vehicle with all the adaptations.  If all goes well he will pass his driving test and will once again be a frequent mid-day visitor at our house.

2) Our chickies spent the afternoon outside.  They loved it.  When we brought them in they all fell over in little heaps of sleepy fluff.  I think we wore them out.  The two in the foreground are Americunas, the one behind them is a Golden-Laced Wyanndotte.

And as a bonus, here are two of my three new Gold-Penciled Hamburgs.  Aren't they pretty?


Jemm said...

Love your chicks! We can't decide if we should get anymore this spring or not...I bet we break down and get at least a couple.

Suzanne said...

Why not? They are so cute and they give free eggs later on.

Anonymous said...

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