Quote of the Day


Nespresso Citiz

This is a Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother  and it is calling to me. Please, someone, talk me out of it.


Missus Wookie said...

It will break meaning it becomes a beautiful but useless doorstop counter decoration.

Swizzling your milk with a swizzle whisk uses up calories and builds triceps muscles.... or so I tell myself anyhow.


Marina said...

You need it! Plus you have two of your own lovely baristas. It's even sleeker then ours.

jenny said...

Plus, it is Swiss made, meaning it won't break for a very, very long time. There really is something to that Swiss engineering. :-)

Suzanne said...

Good point Jenny. Look how well your ski instructor is holding up.

I bought it. It arrived. I am smitten.