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Home-school curriculum 2012-2013

Here is what we are doing this year.

Math: We will continue with Math-U-See because it works so well for us.  The nice man gives the lesson on DVD, the children do the practice exercises. It's great.  Dandy will also participate in MathUSee's online once-a-week tutorial. We will continue with the  very charming Life of Fred series, which pairs nicely with MathUSee. 

Language Arts:

Writing: Both children will take the  Institute for Excellence in Writing's once-a-week online tutorial. 

Geography: Maps, Graphs and Globes from Steck-Vaughn.

History: We will use Beautiful Feet Books' Medieval History packet, which we'll augment with the Story of the World material.  I'm really looking forward to this unit: Beowulf, Robin Hood (the original socialist), King Arthur.  Yum.

Science:  Beautiful Feet Books makes a great Learning Guided titled History of Science.  It walks us through the great scientists via engaging biographies.  We will augment each topic with hands-on Science in a Nutshell experiment kits -- that is, when we are studying Thomas Edison's life, we'll also be doing experiments with electricity. 

Dandy will also take a once-a-week science class with ZLO (Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities).

Bible:  The children and I will all attend Bible Study Fellowship's Study of Genesis in the fall.

Art/Music: Chickadee will take once a week art/music classes at ZLO (Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities).

How about you?  What are you using this year?

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audible said...

We are making us of Japan’s every present Kumon workbooks to motivate Olive to practice fine motor skills and prepare her for handwriting. It seems a little silly to purchase something that pretty much gets your kid to draw lines and cut and glue paper, but the format of writing in the name and date, completing the full worksheet, and then choosing a sticker and adding it to the chart are good for instilling the basic school format. After she finishes the book she has a full sticker chart and certificate of completion.

With my down time during the summer I’ll probably put together some Montessori inspired learning activities. I’d like to recreate the trademark Montessori sandpaper letters with cardboard and maybe some simple counting math blocks.