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nest learning thermostat

Last January I took the plunge and bought TWO Nest Learning Thermostats .  No regrets. They were super-easy to install and program.  I can even adjust the temp from afar via the app for iTouch or iPad.

The best part is that, when I compare this year's gas bills with last year's, the bills are lower (despite a rate increase) and yet we experience a warmer house.  How so?  It is warm when we are in it.  When we leave and forget to turn it down, Nest turns itself down.  It has a little sensor that sees motion.  If a couple of hours go by without motion, it goes off.

Once a month I get reports in my email about usage:

But if I am ever curious between reports it is easy to peek at the last ten days of use on my Nest Thermostat website.

My old Honeywell thermostat had four settings (Wake, Leave, Return, Sleep) and three days (Weekday, Saturday, Sunday).  The Nests have unlimited settings and all seven days.  Given that we live in our home full-time, this works so much better for us.  I can change the programing from the thermostat, or from my computer.  The computer interface makes arranging a rather complex pattern of off/on/off/on really easy.  I have all the days set the same, but I could easily drag those temps over to change the time.  Or add other changes.

The thermostat for the newer part of the house required a slightly different set-up.  The helpful and easily accessed support team talked me through the diagnostic and when it was confirmed that I needed a professional they arranged for one (at their expense).  He would have come that evening had I wanted it.  I was very impressed. 

Yes, the Nest Learning Thermostats are expensive to purchase, but they will pay for themselves in lower heat bills.  As they do that, however, we have the benefit of a warmer home.  It doesn't hurt that they are pretty too.

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Suzanne said...

I ran the numbers last night -- here is what I spent on gas Feb, March, April, May over the last seven years:

06 - $827
07 - $883
08 - $732
09 - $1009
10 - $731
11 - $766
12 - $570

Naturally there was some variation in outside temps, and in woodstove usage, but I do think it rather telling that our cheapest year ever, and warmest-feeling, was the year we installed our Nests.