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works for me: stocking stuffer ideas

Stuffing those stockings always seems so easy in theory and challenging in deed. Here are some ideas.
:: bath poofs
:: sweet hope chocolates
:: toy mice for humans owned by cats
:: chewies and tennis balls for humans owned by dogs
:: postage stamps for anyone off at college
:: good cheeses
:: nuts
:: Christmas ornaments for young adults
:: pocket flashlights for the cars
:: chapsticks
:: winter-weight Atlas garden gloves
:: tulip or daffodil bulbs
:: long matches
:: smoked oysters
:: woolie socks
:: Starbuck's cards
:: Trader Joe's cards
:: iTunes cards
:: pencils and erasers for school kids - especially home-schooling families
:: chocolate oranges
:: bottle of favorite fragrance
:: paint brushes & other artsy supplies (hat tip to Audrey)
:: LUSH bubble bars

edited to add: Hey, my visitor tracker is telling me that a bunch of you folks are dropping by from Rocks in my Dryer! Surely you have an idea to share. If you leave one, I'll add it to your list and link it to your site. Let's make this the longest and best stocking stuffer idea list ever!

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