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free $10.00

On Wednesday I posted about Ebates. If you sign up now and buy something, they'll give you a $10 bonus. With so many free shipping deals going on right now, that can easily work out to cash back. Order something, get a $10.00 bonus, get the normal eBates rebate (percentage varies with merchant, but Barnes & Nobel and Macy are both offering 8% right now), get free shipping. Sweet!

Another example: Go to Children's Place (via
Ebates of course). Order a $10 fleece. Use the coupon code for 15% off that the Ebates site listed (HAC8 if you want to know). $8.50 + $5.00 flat rate shipping= 13.50. Get 3% rebate (.42cents whoo hoo), so you are at 13.08. Get your $10.00 bonus, and you have a nice fleece for $3.08 plus whatever sales tax you are subject to.

So go
sign up already!


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