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a perfect Christmas

Fresh snow, clear skies, bright sun. We had yummy food and thoughtful gifts of a reasonable quantity.

I could hardly sleep the night before as I was so excited to give My Gift his gift. Back in October he had found a 12-string Yamaha guitar that was THE guitar. He would visit it in the store and talk about it at home and go on and on about it. And I would go on and on about the huge credit card debt we are carrying thanks to last year's medical adventures.

His persistence wore me down, and I finally gave my reluctant consent. He piled the kids into the truck and took off for the guitar store, but returned empty-handed and down-hearted. The beloved guitar of his dreams had sold.

Tee hee.

As soon as his truck had pulled out I had called the store and bought it right out from under him.

He says it was the nicest and naughtiest gift he has ever received.


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