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For Monday 22nd December 2008

Outside my window I see Black-Capped Chickadees (my own special bird) eating sunflower seeds that we threw across the snow. I see a white meadow and dark blue hills with white lace shawls across their shoulders.

I am thinking about how nice it is to be ready for Christmas several days ahead.

I am thankful that I have such a nice husband who works hard to support us and encourages and helps me with the kids.

From the kitchen I'll be bringing out cookies and a potroast later today.

I am wearing flannel pajema bottoms that my mom made for me, white silkie long-underwear top, green fleece jacket, fuzzy slippers.

I am hoping I can get sorted out this mountain of medical insurance paperwork that my husband just gave up on and that I foolishly said I would handle for him.

I am hearing my daughter singing as she tidies up her room and my son talking to himself as he prepares breakfast.

Around the house there are quite a few dust-bunnies, Christmas decorations, and drowsy heat-loving pets.

One of my favorite things is a hot bath. I love the 'aloneness' of it, but mostly I love the heat on my aching arthritic joints.

A few plans for the rest of the week include baking and cooking for the following events: Christmas eve morning party with cousins (holiday strata), Christmas eve dinner for our own little family (chippino), Christmas Day breakfast for our own little family (smoked salmon quiche, kringle, mimosas), Christmas dinner at my moms (twice-baked potatoes, rye bread).

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