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school update

I had a morning of contrasts.

After dropping Dandy off this morning I attended the House Mother's meeting at his school. Apparently they ("even before J.K.Rowling", they are quick to tell you) have Houses for the students at his school. Everyone there was slender and well-dressed and had naturally tidy hair. As best I can tell, the function of the houses is to establish fund-raising competitions amongst the moms. Chickadee and I ducked out early. We had somewhere to go. Really.

We were on our way to Chickadee's first day of classes through the home-school/public school partnership in our district. She is taking three classes there: American Sign Language, Dance, and Art. After I dropped her off in her classroom I found the common room in which moms and children wait for their class to start or for their child to finish. Slender, well-dressed, with tidy hair? Not so much. We were all sporting the crunchy/frumpy look.

There were six kids in her class and the girls were friendly with Chickadee, which is always nice. The classes meet in the church down the street and they cost me nothing, though it took me awhile to figure out how this works. When I enroll my child in these school-affiliated home-school classes, my child's name is included on the district's rosters which routes state money back to the district. So, we get free classes, they get funded, everyone is happy.

I just have to figure out how to dress to blend on Monday mornings.


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