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GOP County Convention

Well I'm not quite recovered but I am -- at 4:30 in the afternoon --
finally bathed and dressed and functioning again. We convened at 9 am and adjourned at 9:15 pm, though I had an extra hour on either end as I was the Convention Secretary. I came home after a 14hour day with 20 pages of minutes and a backache and have spent most of today editing and organizing those pages.

It was a very interesting, to say the least. We rose to speak and moved and seconded and passed and failed and fillibustered and ammended and resolved and balloted and reballoted and reballoted all the live-long day and then some. We heard from current Legislators, future (we hope) Legislators, current councilmen, not-yet-announced Congressional candidates, and we watched a video to get us all ramped up to (re)elect Dino Rossi.

The most pleasant part was witnessing how fair-minded and welcoming the party faithful were to the large and rather green Ron Paul contingent. I was impressed.

Final tally? 25/32 delegates going to the State Convention are Ron Paul supporters.

I also learned that if you get pulled over and say to the officer/trooper that the reason you were speeding is that you had just spent over 14 hours serving as secretary to the GOP county convention and that you are hungry and anxious to get home, you very well may not get a ticket.

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