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Stoplight Poetry

We went to the library booksale today and I picked up a few more old copies of poetry for children, including the amusing Kermit's Garden of Verses। We keep poetry books in the car and I read one poem per stoplight. It's great! We get just a little nibble of poetry and time to chew on it before the next light.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. However, I'll have to turn off (break?) the radio and hide the thirteen year old's iPod.

Anonymous said...


Suz, the gnomes have taken over. It took nearly four minutes to load your site today! (And that was after I'd tried once, stopped and reloaded...)

Suzanne said...

wow - thx for letting me know Kate -- off to degnome again

Anonymous said...

This post has been included in the latest edition of Mom's Blogging Carnival.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for submitting this post to the Mommy Blog Carnival for April 15th. I've included it in the upcoming edition. Hope to see you drop by and check out the other participants. Again, thank you!