Quote of the Day



Poor Chickadee. First Dandy crashed into her with his bike, giving her a fat lip, a badly scraped knee, and a gooseegg on the back of her head. Then she was making herself some toast and burned a quarter-sized hole into the inside of her elbow: second-degree burn.

After she was all calmed down she very soberly apologized to her grandparents for screaming in their house; we pretty much answered that with a burn like that she was welcome to make as much noise as she needed to.

We gave her children's Motrin and chocolate and took her to see her Aunt & Uncle's fluffy baby chicks. She is fast asleep in her little nest by our bed right now. I daren't put her in our bed lest we accidentally bump one of her many ouchie parts during the night. Poor little bug . . .


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