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magical castles

So Dandy is day-dreaming of a magical castle and he is narrating the dream to us.

Dandy: So we walk in and we know it's magical right away.
Chickadee: How?
Dandy: Mom's fingers stop hurting and M&Ms are falling from the ceiling.

He is such a sweetie. Mom's fingers came first.



kate said...

Mom's fingers before M&M's? THAT is love!

~Crystal said...

Aww! that's so sweet!!

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rachael said...

Ah, that is sweet.

Luciana said...

Hi Suzanne - I´ve found that reducing my sugar intake and exercising regularly (as regularly as possible, probably not enough, maybe 3 times a week for an hour or so) has helped me with my knees, joints and mood. I am still learning to like to do it regularly, though. I hope the weather gets better soon.