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Why I like the Christian Science Monitor

I'm not quite sure what Christian Scientists believe, and I'm feeling too grouchy and over-whelmed to go self-educate, but I do know that they neither hate nor deny God and that they believe that religious activities have a healthy place in our lives, and that is much more than I can say for some other news sources.

Today's edition of The Christian Science Monitor included:
  • a great story about man vs the burglars and the man won.
  • only 2 ads -- one for bird books from Audubon and one for PeaceCorps.
  • an article on Facebook and the ubiquitous 25 Random Things post (I'll cut-and-paste 25 Things into another post in case you aren't on Facebook. And speaking of which, I have to know you in RL to know you in Facebook, so don't be said if I don't friend you, except for Richard Starkey. I made an exception for him so my husband would think I am cool.)
  • a cute picture of a pygmy rabbit and an interesting article on conservation efforts.
  • a timely article on biofuels
  • and an article on No-Knead bread which seemed awfully familiar. Oh that's right. I posted about it last spring: no-knead uber-yummy bread. And I thought ours (top) was much prettier:

  • A recipe for brioche that I will try
  • And a really nice article about a good man named Mr. Putnam.

Those were all the articles that caught my eye. There were also articles about US in Afghanistan, the Stimulus from THE ONE, Sudan and Dafur, Detroit auto-sellers, Turkey, World Poverty policies, Iran, the Balkans, Obama's challenging economic dilemma, Micro-Finance, and a handful of mini-articles.

World news.
National news.
And some good news -- not prettied up glossy sentimental news, just an article in each edition about someone who would be nice to have as a neighbor.

And no sleazy articles about hooking-up or manscaping or other things I really don't want to think about.


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