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home-school drop-outs

Well we did it.

We enrolled the kids in the local public school. They start Wednesday. They'll ride the bus and go to PE and eat lunch in the cafeteria and do all the schoolish stuff. They will spend their days with strangers. I hate this part of it.

On the other hand, I will be able to get a haircut and go out to lunch and do errands in peace. I like this part of it.

The best part -- and certainly the most important part -- is that they will still be learning useful things (and probably, alas, a few un-useful things) whilst I am sleeping and healing.

Dandy took a math skills test earlier this week and guess what? He is doing 3rd grade math. Which is nice as he is in 3rd grade and we skipped 1st grade altogether and learned a whole new language and changed countries and learned about being a family and endured all sorts of traumas and ordeals.



Tami said...

I know you're having a lot of qualms about putting them in school...just keep telling yourself its temporary. You'll need the time to heal. And what AWESOME news about Dandy's math! That's great! :)

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kate said...

I hope they have a great month in school. There are some good teachers out there. ;>

Shelby said...

Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!! :)