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love notes

I've been writing love notes on the children's napkins each day. This morning they made their own sandwiches and finished packing their lunches, including the napkins. As they were finishing up I came in to do the love note part. Too late. They had already written the love notes, from one to the other, and apparently in secret, as they wouldn't tell me what they had written.



Amanda said...

My mom used to leave me notes with the granola bar snacks I would find waiting for me after school. To this day those notes stand as an impenetrable beacon of my mom's love and efforts to do everything she could. Thank you for reminding me of those notes. Lucky kids, and how lovely that they already value them so dearly that they want to participate. Good job!

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Guest said...

Gerat kids - right?

kate said...

So sweet!

Lindy said...

What dear children! Hope school is going ok for them. I'd love to hear more about the positive aspects of their adjustment to America and to family life. Are they still close to one another?