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What a Mother's Day

Twas a lovely lovely day.

I started the day with the my 12-year-old bunnies tucked under the covers with me for a long snuggle. Did you know bunnies purr?

Then My Gift and the kids brought me a latte and presents. Dandy made me a very pretty wooden tissue cover in woodshop, as well as a cheese board. He was so pleased to give these. My Gift and Chickadee went in on some bath salts and a spa gift certificate. Yum.

Then, as I sat in bed sipping my latter and snuggling the bunnies, they proceeded to start rearranging the bedroom furniture at my command. We are moving everything so that I can look out the windows to the back yard whilst I am in the bed-rest stage.

Then I got up and cooked, as really, I prefer my own cooking over most restaurants. We had salad caprese, bacon, grilled polenta, scrambled eggs with feta, toasted bagels, and mimosas.

Then there was some loafing about and some chicken watching and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. We ended the day in the vegetable garden. The kids framed, filled, and planted a sunflower patch and Jamie built me a new raised bed for beans and potatoes (can I interplant these?).

For dinner Jamie BBQed oysters for me. It was productive happy day. How was yours?


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