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bye bye uterus

Who needs ya, anyhow? Just a big pain in the back as far as I am concerned.

Oh, did I forget to mention my delicate lady troubles? Well, even I have some boundaries and even this post is uncomfortable close to crossing the line. Nevertheless, later this month I'll be spending a little time with a surgeon and a lot of time with some pain-killers and will emerge from the other side as a new and improved woman.

The kids? We'll be putting them into a free daycare with pick-up and delivery aka the public school down the street. I can't home-school while I heal, and I can't heal while I home-school. The kids will get 5-6 weeks of public school and I will get about 6 hours a day of napping time. We'll have all summer to straighten the kids back out.



cloudscome said...

Having just been through this I offer my wholehearted support to you. It is a difficult six weeks but you will come through it and see God's grace in a new way. I'll be praying for you!

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Tami said...

Praying for you.

kate said...

Take good care, Suz! i hear blogging speeds recovery. ;>

rachael said...

Hoping you come out feeling like a million bucks on the other side! Hugs and prayers for you.

And, I bet some guilt free YOU time will be good for the soul too!

Susiej said...

I'll be thinking of you and will remember you in my prayers. I love your solution for the kids... you'll need the rest. And yes, you've got all summer to straighten them out!

kristin said...

Good luck. I'm thinking of you! And yes, you have all summer to de-program the kids. Have some good recover time to yourself!

Audrey said...

Hugs and warm wishes. I'm glad you have found a solution to get your much needed rest. If you still miss those lady-parts after those six weeks, I'd be happy to knit you a replacement.


Suzanne said...

HA! I'll keep that in mind. The ones pictured look much easier to live
with than the ones I am saying farewell too.