Quote of the Day


the kindness of a stranger

A few weeks ago I had an ultrasound done by a perfectly nice person who attempted to make a little light conversation with me.

Apparently, a little light conversation was too much for me and I burst into tears and shared some of my challenges. I remember trying to say stoic brave things with a wobbly voice and tears running down my face all the while thinking to myself "Hush, she doesn't need to hear all this." But apparently I needed to say it, so I did. She said some appropriate nothings and we parted ways. Me a bit embarrassed at having unloaded on her, and her with a nice picture of my innards.

Today I got a little box in the mail holding a kind and and thoughtful card and some 'pamper yourself' goodies and an amusing toy and I burst into tears all over again, though a different sort of tears.

Here she is, a busy professional woman, who took time to gather up and send to me some treasures and to reach out with some encouragement. How nice is that?



serena said...

that is the sweetest thing!!

Guest said...

What a joy

kate said...

i love nice people. ;>